What is Behavioral Coaching?

Behavior coaching is to reflect appropriate behavior to enhance the real you. It is not about changing you or finding the faults in your behavior. Aggressive behavior can be a strength for a litigation lawyer but could be deterrent to a flight attendant.

Outer Behavior

Inner Behavior

Outer behavior is what others can see. It is displayed by words, gestures, body language, facial expressions, tone etc.

Inner behavior is a person's  thinking process, attitude, background, values, beliefs etc. Finding out inner behavior is not easy and requires expert data collection, interviews/assessment.

Behavioral coaching helps clients easily get the results they struggle to achieve by themselves. To continuously perform and achieve, one needs change in behavior. Behavioral coaching is to identify the change, help clients understand their own behavior and then facilitate to bring in the change.

Negative behavior is a bi-product of negative emotions and negative emotions are a result of negative thinking. Behavioral coaching is to inject right and positive thoughts to reflect the same in one’s behavior.

Behavior coaching is to help clients handle daily challenges such as stress, no or low confidence, no or lost purpose of life.

Former UN secretary General Dag had said “ The more faithfully you listen to the voice with in you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside”.

Organization Behavior is concerned with the study of what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of the organization.

Why Behavioral coaching?

Behavior once learned is difficult to change. A simple act of cheating in a game played between children is a reflection of a certain type of behavior. This can turn into manipulative behavior if not checked. Inner behavior is reflected in sports and driving.

Individuals/Group of Individuals


Do you wonder why some people are more successful than others? They are successful because of their behavior. They do right things, things right and that’s why they get right results. This does not mean that they don’t have blind spots. Imagine what would happen if they work on these blind spots which are pulling them back from reaching their peak performance.

A behavioral coach can not only find out your blind spots but can help you work on them as well. Behavioral coaching is transformational.

Do I know what makes me happy?

If no, how do I find out?  If yes, do I make a choice?

How do I make it work?

A behavioral coach can help you find out what makes you happy and find ways to make a choice.

Do you fight with your partner / spouse / parents / children and regret later?  Do you feel they don’t under stand you?

A behavioral coach can help you save your relationships or take them to next level of understanding through changes in behavior.

Behavior is the enabler for strategy and process. It's people’s behavior that is either aligned or misaligned with strategy and process. A behavioral coach can find out the gaps and will inculcate thoughts in employees, which will culminate into feelings and ultimately affect behavior and performance.

Do you know happy employees are more productive?  If the environment is joyful, the results are enhanced.

A behavioral coach can help create the environment joyful and gradually make employees learn happy behavior, which will result in high performance.

Do you know the organizational hazards such as work life balance, workplace conflicts, less ethical  practices, individualistic approach etc. hamper not only the employees but the organization as well?

A behavioral coach can work with employees and help them take care of these hazards through behavioral change, which is long lasting.

Do you get anxious about parenting?  It is a fact that there is no rule book for parenting? Questions like - Am I giving right values and beliefs to my children? Should I be friends with my children, if yes, how  much? Do I need to maintain a distance? Confused?

A behavioral coach can help make changes in your behavior and assist you to reflect appropriate behavior.

Do you feel:

People don’t understand me?  Why people take me otherwise even when I have good intentions? There is a gap between what we think we are, what we actually are and what people think we are.

A behavioral coach can make you self-aware and make a bridge to bring you closer to yourself.

A behavioral coach can help you with behavioral hazards like

• Stress • Fear • Anger • Aggression • Sadness • Boredom

• Bias • Confusion



  Do you feel stuck and dissatisfied with your life and yet not know how to change things?

  Do you and your partner fight over things, which seem insignificant, yet you end up feeling terrible and wonder if it was all worth it?

  Do you feel overwhelmed about being a parent?

  Do some of your colleagues threaten your work all the time and sap your energy?

EGNAHC IS A MIND GYM where you can get answers and help related to the situations above as well as other kind of similar situations.

It is said, "It’s better to be blind by eyes than being blind by the mind". The complex environment around us creates immense pressure on everybody’s mind, be it teenagers, young mothers, housewives or ambitious earning members. Relationships are complex whether personal or professional and they put immense pressure on our mind.

Egnahc Initiative is an effort to bring in self-awareness and balance our emotions to be able to handle tough situations and become happy. It is an initiative that intends to bring in change in peoples’ lives and transform their thoughts, break stereotypes and ultimately make them happy by making them unlearn and then learn.

What can a behavioral coach do?

A behavioral coach can:

  At a personal level, coaching can contribute to an individual's satisfaction at work, at home and could even result in lower stress levels, less frustration, increased self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

  Coaching is about an individual expanding his or her awareness and taking action for positive change.

  The coach helps his clients acquire a greater sense of authenticity and this is reflected in the way they deal with their stakeholders. People who hire coaches want help in achieving their life goals, improving their relationships, dealing with others more effectively etc.

  Entrepreneurs, who hire coaches either want to develop new skills and behaviors or need an external unbiased support to drive initiatives like culture building, developing talent, aligning top teams, business transformation etc.

  At an organizational level, leadership coaching can help transform the organization's culture, structures, and patterns of decision-making, leading to organizational rejuvenation.

  Understand who you are.

  Help generate behavioral change.

  Bring a new or re-framed vision or set of goals.

  Help you understand what kind of person you want to be.

  Reinforce beliefs and values.

  Detoxify external noises.

  Help you become happy.

While therapy mostly focuses on the past, behavioral coaching helps you grow into who you want to become by using your aspirations and key strengths, encouraging habit changes in your daily life, committing you to action and focusing on the future.


Umang Level I

Be Happy

Umang Level II

Make a Choice

Umang Level III

Make Your Choice Work

Know your happiness and create joy.

A Behavioral Coach can help generate behavioral changes in knowing what makes you truly happy.

When you know your happiness,
are you making that choice?

Reinforce beliefs and values.

Are you making the happiness choice work?

Practice and be happy.

*This program is for individuals, groups and corporates.

I am Suman Manuja, founder of Egnahc Initiative, mother of a teenager. A Behavioral Coach with 28 years of rich experience in the corporate world and now an entrepreneur. I am an energetic, ethical, simple, passionate, transparent, high on values & EQ person, having held multi-faceted profiles and diversified roles during my corporate tenure. I am striving to be a key contributor to inspire people to be happy and to continuously contribute towards community and humanity by spreading awareness on emotional well-being. I Love helping people to navigate change and complexities of life. I am an MBA in Finance and a post graduate in counseling.

I am comfortable in multi-cultural environments. I excelled as a team player with peers and senior managers. I work on the ground with people to develop performers from non-achievers by exercising various methods/styles.

I am associated with various NGOs as well.


After a certain age, people do not understand the reason for changes happening physically and emotionally.  Mid life crisis happens to men and women both. A behavioral coach can not only help you with handling these changes of Mid life but also make you aware about the concept.


  Counting how many white hair you have

  Trying your children’s clothes

  Thinking of going for bungee jumping

  Thinking about if your life is meaningful

  You are not feeling your age and it’s freaking you out

  Constantly thinking about the meaning of life

Are you going through Mid Life concerns like:

*This program is for individuals, groups and corporates.

Below are few examples of Mid Life crisis where a behavioral coach helped the people concerned:

Example 1: I am a 45 year old successful businessman. I have a lovely wife and two children who are settled abroad. I have reached a stage where I miss the things I wanted to do when I was 25. I was a biker then and wanted to ride for miles and days. I could not do it because of other responsibilities and paucity of time. Now I am settled and have time but it’s too late.

Example 2: I am a 43 year old homemaker and mother of a teenager. My family members are busy with their own stuff and I feel I have got nothing to do. I was good at dancing when I was in school. I feel life is very monotonous.



Knowing about your feelings and emotions is food for Emotional Intelligence ( EI).  Reflecting appropriate feelings and emotions in your behavior is what EI is all about.  No matter how empathetic you are but if your behavior doesn’t show it through words, body language, tone or during a sad moment, your relationships can get scarred.

Picking up signals from the behavior reflected by people in business deals, corporate clients and loved ones can turn around your life.

EI clearly helps you express your ideas, thoughts and feelings. It removes the clutter and enhances your capability to see the positive side of a situation and enables you to use it to your advantage.

All this does not happen on your own, a behavioral coach can hold your hand and guide you step by step .

*This program is for individuals, groups and corporates.



Q1. Do I need a behavioral coach only when I have some problem?

A1. No, a behavioral coach helps even when you don’t have a problem.

Q2. I am unhappy? Can a behavioral coach do something?

A2. Yes, a behavioral coach can facilitate you to find out the reason for your unhappiness and bring in the change.

Q3.  I fear unknown things like attending a training program, can I overcome this?

A3.  Yes very much.

Q4.  Is there an age to go to a behavioral coach?

A4.  There is no age, although children aged less than 12 are not recommended.

Q5.  I am stuck with something? Can a behavioral coach help?

A5.  Yes, a behavioral coach can always help, from solving a small problem like my child not listening to me, to a huge crisis like losing a dear one.

Q6.  I had a heartbreak and I am not able to cope with the trauma.

A6.  A behavioral coach can help you recover from a heartbreak and help you become strong.   There are various clients I have helped and they are different people now and for good.

Q7.  I am happy, what can a behavioral coach do for me?

A7.  This is in-fact the best time to have a coach.  When one is happy, one is open to growth.

Q8.  I am in my comfort zone. What is in it for me?

A8.  “Comfort zones are great places but nothing ever grows there”. A behavioral coach can make you aware about your strengths and make you feel comfortable even outside your comfort zone.

Q 9.  Many a times I don’t understand life and confusion overtakes. Is it possible to have clarity in situations like these?

A9.  Yes, a behavioral coach can train you to become calm and composed in such situations.

Q10. My subordinate has become my Boss. I am becoming less productive. Can a behavioral coach bail me out of this?

A10. Yes. One of my clients faced a similar situation and today that person is not only out of that messy situation but is more productive than ever.

Q 11. I am a middle aged woman. I don’t know the purpose of life. It is very monotonous.  Can a behavioral coach help me too?

A11. This is a very common issue. I have few clients who have found their purpose of life and are happily making their choices work.

Q12. I don’t stay in Delhi, can I get the coaching?

A12. Yes, you can get coaching through phone, skype or a webinar. We are already giving coaching to existing clients through these mediums.

Q13. Is a behavioral coach different from a psychologist?

A13. Yes.

Q14. I am hesitant in approaching a behavioral coach, what should I do?

A14. I suggest we speak on the phone first.

Q15. If I seek coaching, does it mean I am crazy?

A15. Not at all. A couch can help you go to the next level from where
you are.

Q16. Will anyone know about what I say to you?

A16. No, the conversation is highly confidential

Q17. What should I bring when I come and see you?

A17. Only yourself.



Working on these behavioral hazards can enhance your confidence and increase chances of clearing the clutter in mind and focus on tasks.














1. A teenager who broke up with her boyfriend
I was going through a breakup and used to cry all the time. My mother forced me to come to Suman Ma’am. I was very angry while sitting in front of her.
She made me so comfortable that I felt like talking to her. She not only built my confidence but also made me the person I am today. She is an amazing person.
I look at her as a friend now.

2. A professional whose subordinate became his boss
I was so damn angry and hurt when my subordinate became my boss. I was so irritated that it started affecting my health. My family was surprised to see me like this. I could not leave the job. A friend asked me to see Suman, I was reluctant but frustrated and hence went to see her. It took her just 8 sessions to bring me back to myself.

3.  A housewife who was lonely
I had everything in life but I wasn’t happy. I used to go for cooking classes before getting married. After marriage I was told to stay home, due to which all my time was spent on others. After growing up, my children went abroad for higher studies. I didn’t have any motivation in life and felt sad most of the time. One day, my Bhabhi gave me Suman's number and forced me to call her.
I spoke with and met her thereafter. She is so comforting that I told her everything. Because of her sessions, I am not only happy but have also started my cooking classes. Thank you Ma’am.



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